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Arthritis issues in wrist

How HbOT tackles Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis symptoms can affect numerous parts of the body and present themselves in more than 100 different ways. Find out more in our latest blog.
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Dementia treatment helping families

How does HbOT offer new possibilities for dementia treatment?

Recent research into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT) has indicated it has huge potential as a dementia treatment option. Find out more.
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Manchester Skyline

Oxify introduces Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester

Oxify is expanding – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester is now available as our latest clinic is open
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multiple sclerosis

5 Unusual and Alternative MS Treatment Options

More and more people are turning towards alternative MS treatment to find some relief. Take a look at “unusual” options. Including HBoT.
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A Guide on Migraines and Migraine Treatment

Our migraine treatment guide looks at this common health-condition, ways to help prevent them and how HBOT can help with recovery. Take a look.
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Man standing in a body of water head down facing away from the camera, looking alone and sad

How HbOT can help with Mental Health

The evidence is mounting day by day, people are seeing the unbelievable benefits of HbOT and there isn’t a lot of peer reviewed research yet as it’s still a fairly new discovery for mental illness. We have seen anecdotally in our clients that it’s also a side effect when treating other illnesses. We have found a few studies that reference
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What to wear & take in the HbOT pod

Two of the most common questions we get asked at Oxify is ‘what shall I wear?’ and ‘what do you take in the Oxify HbOT Pod with you?’ So let us guide you and give you some ideas… We will start with the easiest one: What to wear It’s simple, anything you feel comfortable in. You’re going to be in
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oxify retford

Oxify and the Retford Multiple Sclerosis Society

All over the UK, the MS society has set up centres with hyperbaric chambers to enable sufferers to get some relief from their symptoms. Unfortunately, the closest centre to Retford is over an hour’s drive away and that combined with the therapy time makes it quite a long and tiring day.
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hyperbaric treatment near me

An Introduction

We offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HbOT for short. We realise you may not have heard of this therapy before. However it is not new, in fact HbOT has been around since the early 1900’s where it was used to treat divers who had bubbles of nitrogen in their blood from coming up too quickly from a dive.
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