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An Introduction

Hello there,

As our centre in Leeds is get busier we would like to share what is happening each week and also give more of an insight into who can benefit from the Oxify Therapy and why.

So let’s start at the beginning, with an introduction…

We offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HbOT for short. We realise you may not have heard of this therapy before. However it is not new, in fact HbOT has been around since the early 1900’s where it was used to treat divers who had bubbles of nitrogen in their blood from coming up too quickly from a dive. Fast forward a few decades and an increasing amount of research is currently being done into how HbOT can help all sorts of different people and conditions.

HbOT involves breathing almost 100% pure oxygen in the pressurised environment of a hyperbaric chamber. When the body is at pressure it can absorb more oxygen into the blood, the blood plasma and all of the cells within the body. This allows the oxygenated blood to break through any blockages or inflammation that has built up.

These blockages may be caused by illness or virus, injury or fracture and many of the health conditions that have debilitating effects on an individual’s quality of life. Each person has their own story to tell and their own issue that encourages them to seek out our therapy. The effects of a regular hourly session over a period of a few days or a couple of weeks can give life changing results, Even for the person who wants to improve their fitness levels and performance or needs to establish a better sleep pattern, this Oxygen therapy can give encouraging results.

Come and see for yourself what it’s all about.