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Oxify and the Retford Multiple Sclerosis Society

Over the last month Oxify Retford have been running an exciting collaboration with the Retford Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The members of the group are busy bees indeed and are involved in a range of different activities, including seated yoga on zoom, tai chi, Pilates, swimming and much more. Some of the members also take part in regular training sessions and cycling events to raise money for the group.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT) has been reported to help reduce fatigue and symptoms of pain, improve thought processing and give better bladder control.

All over the UK, the MS society has set up centres with hyperbaric chambers to enable sufferers to get some relief from their symptoms. Unfortunately, the closest centre to Retford is over an hour’s drive away and that combined with the therapy time makes it quite a long and tiring day.

It has been very exciting to invite members of the Retford MS society to complete a course of 10 sessions at Oxify in Retford. The sessions are being taken very close together to flood the body with extra oxygen and maximise the benefits. The centre is close by so it means that travel time is significantly reduced.

Some members have now finished their block of therapy, whereas some have just started. So far clients have reported having more energy, being more alert, better balance, clearer chest and quicker recovery between training. We look forward to them continuing their therapy sessions with us and feel the benefits.

MS is one of many conditions that can benefit from HbOT, by giving the body extra oxygen so cells and tissues can regenerate more easily and successfully. Get in touch if you think we can help you!