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It has been an amazing experience for me.

Thank you Sarah, for your kindness and patience in helping me
past my initial fear of going into the hyperbaric chamber.

It has been an amazing experience for me. I went in thinking
that an hour lying down, reading and breathing pure clean air
would be beneficial, which it is, but after a couple of sessions I
began feel much more alert. I have never been a, ‘morning person’,
but am now finding it very easy to wake up in the morning and get
on with my day.

Another effect of the treatment for me is the effect it has had on my
arthritis which is particularly bad in my hands. I have a lot more
flexibility in my fingers and the shooting pains I used to get in my
thumbs have gone. I feel a lot less tired on a daily basis. Before having
this treatment my breathing after exertion, such as simply climbing the
stairs, was laboured but now, I just don’t even think about dashing upstairs,
it’s much easier than before.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone, go there with an open mind,
you might be surprised at how good it is, I was!

Janice R

There are loads of benefits to the chamber and I will def go back.

I went to Oxify in Retford on Monday, first time,
not really sure what to expect in all honesty, but
pleasantly surprised (I’ll be honest other than a little
bit of discomfort when the pressure changes, like being
on a plane) it was great, I snoozed.

You can take a book in, your phone, but i opted for nothing,
just complete downtime to close my eyes.

There are loads of benefits to the chamber and I will def go back.

Sarah, who runs it is lovely, really thorough, and professional and
made me feel completely at ease. I will be going back!


I felt like I had more energy as a result of the HbOT

I had three sessions of HBOT ahead of an important
football match.

After my fitness sessions before the match, I felt like
I had more energy as a result of the HBOT and didn’t
have my usual recovery aches.

The match took place in 30 degrees heat following which
I would expect to feel really tired and would take me a
couple of days to recover. However, the day after the match
I felt ready to carry on with my usual sport.

Sarah – the therapist is very friendly, from start to finish
she’s with you all the way explaining everything and making
sure you’re alright and feeling looked after.
The treatment room is a lovely clean and bright environment
where your privacy is ensured.

Lily, Footballer,

Within five sessions the change in my father was very noticeable

My father suffers (suffered) from dementia.  It developed quickly and
within a few months he went from being extremely outgoing to being very
introverted. He stopped starting conversation and simply responded to
questions. He began to spend more and more time just watching the
television, something he rarely did. Straight after watching a programme
he had no recollection of what he had watched.  He was needing more and
more support.  I couldn’t bear to see my vibrant father ‘disappearing’
day by day.

At the insistence of a friend who emigrated to Australia some years
before I booked my father a series of sessions at a Hyperbaric Chamber.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT) is well established in Australia and
often used to help dementia sufferers, she could not understand why it
wasn’t in the UK.

Within five sessions the change in my father was very noticeable. He
began to talk again and wanted to go for walks again (he was always a
keen walker).  After ten more treatments the difference was quite
profound.  It was like I had my father back!!

He is now able to live independently again and this has really help his

He still goes for Therapy occasionally when, as he puts it, he starts to
feel a bit slow, but his life has truly improved.  I put ‘suffered’ in
my heading because really he is not affected by Dementia any more.


I really believe in its ability to heal

Before I had hyperbaric treatments I had chronic pain.
After 30 treatments I had much more energy – didn’t have
to nap anymore and felt wonderful. My pain level was much
lower and my over all sense of well being and health was very
much improved. I highly recommend hyperbaric treatments
for people with chronic fatigue or chronic pain. It helped me
a lot and I really believe in its ability to heal.


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