Long covid

Long Covid

As covid comes and goes, a huge hidden 'army' of people suffering from Long Covid is emerging.

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The symptoms are varied and the legacy of covid even seems to include a reawakening of illnesses suffered in the past.

Drugs designed to treat specific maladies are not effective in the case of Long Covid because it causes so many complications.

The experience of a Long Covid sufferer in Scotland has recently been highlighted on the BBC. You can find the report here


Here at Oxify we have already helped many people suffering from Long Covid. Symptoms

If you are suffering with Long Covid the HbOT is definitely worth trying. A course of sessions is recommended but people have reported after their first session they feel better and get a good nights sleep, something many have not had for some time.

At Oxify we offer a 10 session money-back guarantee. Take the 10 sessions over two weeks and if you feel you haven't seen the benefits we will refund you in full

You really have nothing to lose and perhaps getting back to normal life to gain.

Here is Laura who was struggling with constant severe head pain after covid. Hear what she has to say about how she is feeling now after her course of sessions.

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